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The focus is on you – throughout the entire day and in every sense of the word. That's why what we offer is always 100% individual. Everything should sound, smell, feel, and most importantly, look like you. In the end, we want you to get so much more than 'just' a photograph or video footage. We want you to discover the best version of yourself looking straight back at you - or dancing through a video, daring you to believe that you are already everything you ever wanted to be. You might get to know a completely different side of yourself, you might rediscover yourself, or you might just get at ease with who you really are. And that is exactly what we are going to capture! Your essence, the essence that should be framed.


Let's create, not something but THE thing: the perfect photograph, the perfect video, your perfect piece of art. After all, one of the best things about art is that you can stare at it indefinitely and it doesn't ever get boring. Whether it’s a catalogue picture, your TV spot or Insta photo, our goal is to leave people mesmerized with it. Trust us with your idea, your product, your mission and simply tell us what you want. We'll come up with the rest!


Together with an individual offer, you'll get a mood board including ideas for materials, locations, style and everything else to make the shooting successful and create the perfectly unique eye-catcher for you. Together we'll take what's yours and transform it into your piece of art to frame.


Do you already have an idea? Great! You don't? Never mind!


Wherever you are, is where we take off – together. First, we’ll start with some key questions: Do you have a time frame in mind? A preferred location? Are you bringing your own stylist? ‘NO’ to one or all of the above? That’s perfectly fine!


The only thing we really need to know is why you want to do the shoot in the first place and what your expectations are of the final product. And again, no worries, however blurry your vision may be at the beginning, we'll sharpen it together. This is where the fun part starts!


We'll put together a mood board suggesting the scenery, location, colors and of course also clothes, styling and accessories. Once we have a rough plan on what is needed, you will get a quotation from us. The creative planning process is finished once everyone is 110% convinced and happy with the overall idea of the upcoming shoot. We have a particular style that you can find in all our projects and it will also be present in yours.

But since you are here, we guess you like it ;-)



We love the entire photography process, and we want you to feel the same way! For us it's not only a job, it's our passion! We always do our photo shoots together, so while one is busily snapping away, the other checks the pictures live on the computer, gives advice and/or helps with the lightning and accessories.


Despite all the preparation it's important for us to stay flexible. Having a concept shouldn't mean that nothing else is allowed. So, we tend to experiment, and we would love to have you on board with that. Your suggestions and ideas are more than welcome and if there is anything you want to try, just say it and it’s done! We are happy to be your partners in crime that day. Plus, we promise it's going to be a fun day for everyone and that will be reflected in the results. We will pre-select 60 to 80 photos/videos, upload them as an online gallery and mark our favorites for you. However, of course the final choice is up to you and whichever photos you pick, those are the ones we will edit.


Now it's time for you to lean back and get excited.


Whatever we need to arrange in order to make the result picture-perfect, we will do so now. Be aware, we don't shoot without a professional hair and make-up artist, so that is always part of our package. Trust us, it makes all the difference. If you prefer to arrange certain things yourself, of course that's fine too. In any case, you might want to think about putting together a playlist that gets you in the right mood on the day of the shooting, but we are also happy to curate a special playlist for you as well.


A few quick formalities, that might – or might not – be interesting for you: We usually work with a Sony Alpha 7 r3, Mac Book Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and use Capture One, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects for post-production. In addition, we also work with professional re-touchers.

Why frameme? "Because you're worth it."

 Why framemeplease? "Because we know you are."

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