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Since we were little girls, the sound of the camera shutter made our hearts flutter – not just when we were happily modeling in front of the lens, but more so when our family and friends were the center of our focus. Even back then, what we saw was the magic surrounding them in the moment.  


This is how Agnes’ eye captured the picture of her parents, enjoying each other’s company at a Classic Car Fair in London, embraced by unclouded happiness – all at the age of 6. That picture got framed. 


Later, Lena would also find her own pictures framed. At the age of 17, she started modeling, loving the way different outfits, poses and styles made her feel like a hundred different, beautiful versions of herself.

So here is our not-so-secret secret: trust. We trust each other blindly through the entire shooting process and we can sincerely promise that you can do the same.  

We are proudly different, provocative, and sexy: So is our work. 

with love,

Lena & Agnes

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