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Anker 1

Now it's time for you to lean back and get excited. Whatever we need to arrange in order to make the result picture-perfect, we will do so now. Be aware, we don't shoot without a professional hair and make-up artist, so that is always part of our package. Trust us, it makes all the difference. If you prefer to arrange certain things yourself, of course that's fine too. In any case you might want to think about putting together a playlist that gets you in the right mood on the day of the shooting, but even that we could do for you. A few quick formalities, that might – or might not – be interesting for you: We usually work with a Sony Alpha 7 r3, Mac Book Pro, IPhone 11 Pro Max and use Capture One, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects for post-production. In addition we also work with professional retouchers.

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